Case Studies

Reservoir Construction
Woods Surveys were employed to provide the dimensional control to construct two agricultural irrigation reservoirs in Suffolk. This involved ‘proving’ the clients’ original surveys to identify any discrepancies to the earthworks balance and then carrying out the setting out by conventional means of stakes, batter rails and profiles. During construction, we were asked by our client to be involved with the negotiation and following purchase of a machine control system on one of his excavators which was subsequently put to work successfully, obviating the need for conventional setting out. On completion we carried out as-built surveys to demonstrate that the reservoirs were compliant with design.

Topographic Survey

We were tasked with carrying out a survey of an existing nursing home in Bedford to assist a firm of architects to design new development proposals. The survey of the buildings and grounds was carried out using a Leica TS15 robotic total station with imaging capability which greatly assisted in the post-processing stage of the work. The instrument used was also capable of taking reflectorless measurements so that eaves and ridge heights could be measured to neighbouring properties.
The whole survey was tied into the national grid and datum using a Leica GS15 GNSS receiver.
We provided the client with the results electronically as a PDF drawing file for output directly to a printer/plotter and also as an AutoCAD compatible DWG file for uploading into his own design software.
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Deflection Monitoring
A continuous flight auger piling rig was to be used to work close to a sheet piled sea wall on the River Thames in Essex. Our clients were concerned that the weight of the machine and the piling operation itself might have a deleterious effect upon the stability of the sea wall. Woods Surveys were commissioned to continuously monitor a series of prisms attached to plates welded to the top of the sheet piles and to report any movement during operations.
Land Remediation
Our customer, a major contractor and experts in the field of land remediation approached us to provide the surveying services at the contaminated site of a former chemical plant in Cambridgeshire. The work involved providing the customer’s technical staff with a steady stream of volumetric calculations of material stockpiles as the process of remediation took place. We were also required to survey for subsequent reporting the individual material layers as they were replaced in the ground. This work required our surveyor to work in compliance with the client’s stringent health and safety requirements to prevent personnel coming into contact with the site’s contaminants.

Housing Development
Over a period of 2 years we were regularly contracted by our groundworking clients to provide the setting out on their site for a national house builder in Hertfordshire.
This work involved the setting out of deep drainage, estate roads, CFA piles, vibro-piles, house foundations and brickwork. We also provided as-built information during the progression of the site and supplied quantitative calculations to our client’s estimators and site manager for the ordering of materials.
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